Saturday, February 21, 2009


(OLLIE is standing by BEETLE who is tied to a chair)
OLLIE: Oy'm sorry you 'ave to end like this.
BEETLE: Someone will come for you! I have friends everywhere!
OLLIE: I bought a ticket to Bangkok in your name. And all your Thai friends think you're moving here.
BEETLE: You don't think someone will try to contact me?
OLLIE: If they do, (pause) Oy don't care. (OLLIE spreads gasoline allover the floor)
BEETLE: Please!

(Ollie's Office: OLLIE is rapidly hitting keys on hit computer) (JENNY walks in)
JENNY: What game are you playing now, Eh?
OLLIE: Interactive Buddy!
JENNY: Ooo! Eh.
OLLIE: Oy know! (SUE runs in in tears)
SUE: Ollie!
OLLIE: What?
SUE: Beetle...
OLLIE: What about 'im?
SUE: He's gone!
OLLIE: Well, he was trying-
SUE: No, Ollie, nothing. (SUE gets up and leaves)
JENNY: Well, It's hopeless.
OLLIE: Oy won't take that
OLLIE: What?
JENNY: If you don't give up she'll say yes, after a while!
OLLIE: Well, Oy don't know. She makes it so hard. (SKUL walks in)
SKUL: Heeeeey!
OLLIE: Why so friendly all of a sudden?
SKUL: Well...
JENNY: We tried to kill you! Eh!
OLLIE: (whispering to JENNY): We did kill 'er.
SKUL: I think we should ignore that.
JENNY: You want to ignore being killed?
OLLIE: Shouldn't you be a zombie then, if Janie used the fluids on you?
SKUL: Yeah. (OLLIE and JENNY exchange puzzled looks) I drained all the blood out of a guy who was dieing in a burning building. He was a vampire. I know because his body was dissolving in the fire. (OLLIE[guilty] and JENNY[mad] look at eachother)
OLLIE: What did you do w/ the body?
SKUL: I let it dissolve.
OLLIE: Don't worry Jenny it'll be gone then.
JENNY: Maybe.

(News station [Aanül's Booth: AANÜL is broadcasting)
AANÜL(Indian Accent): Good Morning, Blue-Canary-ville. I am your anchor, Aanül Trusterson. I'm filling in for News and Flash today. (clapping)

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