Monday, February 23, 2009


NARRATOR: No one asks to be special. Some are born special.
JENNY (NARRATION): I beg to differ.
NARRATOR: Some earn specialness. Some have greatness thrust upon them. And some have the misfortune of being mutated into freaks by Jenny. Jenny had made it her goal to Mutate the whole of Blue-Canary-ville.

(Gang Hideout: FIL, ROOK, BEETLE, and SUE are standing [in that order] on a stage w/ JENNY and OLLIE in the audience)

(FIL pulls the pipe out of her head and laughs psychodicly)(JENNY and OLLIE laugh louder)
FIL: I could get used to this!(ROOK falls) (OLLIE laughs, JENNY hits him)
ROOK: Jerk
OLLIE: Oy know (BEETLE explodes) (OLLIE, JENNY, FIL, and ROOK laugh, while SUE cries) You need a 'ug?
SUE: A what?
JENNY: A "hug," Eh.
SUE: Not from you! (SUE bleeds from her eyes and reveals Vampire Fangs)
JENNY: Well that didn't work, Eh.

(Ollie's Office) (OLLIE and JENNY waltz in)
JENNY: Feeling okay?
OLLIE: Oy'm not supposed to, am I?
JENNY: Right, Eh.
OLLIE: 'Ow many time do we 'ave to kill Beetle?
JENNY: I don't know, Eh. He's more immortal than most Vampires. He lived through being poisoned and beaten over the head, Eh. We also Burned him and sucked out his blood. And if he lived through an explosion...
OLLIE: We'll keep trying! New methods every time! He can't live through it all!
JENNY: That's what we do, now. We kill for the greater good, Eh.
OLLIE: Hmph.
JENNY: Well are good to, Eh. (OLLIE laughs) We're going to make sure he stays dead some time. So you never told me how you feel.
OLLIE(distorted voice): Fine.
JENNY: Good. (begins to purr)

(Alley: BEETLE is limping around) *crawling* (BEETLE stomps) *squish* (BEETLE picks something up and puts it in his mouth) *chewing*

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