Monday, March 09, 2009


(Inside City Auditorium 1st floor: People are walking around) (Eventually, OLLIE, ROOK, and JOAN meet up)
OLLIE: The only part of Drake Oy Trust is 'is visions.
ROOK & JOAN: Well, that's one of us.
OLLIE: Okay, Joan, me and Rook are gonna look around 'ere for a killer, and–
ROOK: When you say "look around" you mean, you'll look around and I'll–
JOAN: Make out with some girl in a closet.
ROOK(suddenly exited): Okay!
OLLIE: Oy really do need help 'ere. Drake said someone's gonna die 'ere.
JOAN: Then he should've come and found them and we could get them out.
OLLIE: Well, Drake's on 'is way.
JOAN: Good, SO what did you say I'm doing?
OLLIE: Go upstairs.

(2nd Floor Dark Room: DRAKE is setting up a sniper gun)
DRAKE: Isn't this great? (pause) Yeah, he's got no idea!

(2nd floor: JOAN is walking around looking at people's purses) (SKUL walks up to her)
SKUL: This really isn't a very effective way to find a potential killer.
JOAN: Well, I can't think of anything else!
SKUL(to everyone)(holding up her badge): Okay! Gentlemen, empty you pockets, Ladies, turn out your purses. Whoever has the gun, is the murderer.
JOAN: Is this why you're in charge?
SKUL: Joan, you're in charge.
JOAN: Yey!
SKUL(sarcastically): That's what I said to.
JOAN: Really?
SKUL(sarcastically): Yeah, sure. (pulls out her cell phone) Drake? (pause) Yeah. (pause) Get to the Auditorium, NOW!
JOAN: Is he coming?

(OLLIE, SKUL, JOAN, and ROOK are standing around BEETLE's body)
OLLIE: 'E'll be okay.
SKUL: Yeah, pretty close.
JOAN & ROOK: IS somebody not telling us stuff?
OLLIE: We 'aven't been able to kill 'im.
ROOK: Why'd you try!?
OLLIE: Long Story.
SKUL: Not really

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